RCMP Traffic Monitoring Program

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The RCMP Monitoring Program provides the mechanism to yield the requisite traffic counts and related data to address the state RCMP vehicular LOS standards and the established multi-modal state/federal RCMP performance measures. The RCMP Traffic Monitoring Program implements a systematic countywide traffic count program for RCMP designated intersections and roadways in San Joaquin County. The program will facilitate greater consistency and coordination with partner agencies and their existing methodologies for traffic impact analyses. The RCMP monitoring program has been developed to achieve the following:

  • Establishment of a library/clearinghouse of traffic count data that is publicly available
  • Reduction of costs to local agencies and development community for traffic counts within San Joaquin County
  • Identification of RCMP intersections for peak-hour counts
  • Establish consistency in schedule, locations, and methodology for intersection counts and analysis
  • Systematically and continuously monitor designated RCMP intersections and segments throughout San Joaquin County.

The RCMP turn movement and roadway traffic count data base will serve as a countywide resource that will be accessible to Caltrans, SJCOG member agencies, transportation engineering and planning consultants and the general public through this RCMP website.

SJCOG has designated 105 intersections as RCMP intersections. All peak hour intersection counts (7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM) will include vehicle and bicycle turning movements counts and pedestrian crossing counts. RCMP traffic monitoring will be performed beginning in 2013 and every odd-numbered year thereafter. Traffic counts performed as part of the RCMP Monitoring Program will be updated according to the following schedule:

Current Vehicle LOS Update Frequency
C or worse 2 years
A or B 5 years

Although SJCOG administers and manages the RCMP Monitoring Program, local agencies will also be expected to contribute applicable traffic counts (from member agency traffic studies, or Caltrans traffic studies) to SJCOG for possible inclusion in the traffic data library.

RCMP intersection and roadways can be viewed on the RCMP Network page. All counts can be viewed on the Interactive GIS web page or downloaded on this site.

The RCMP Monitoring Program will also provide the mechanism to collect the requisite baseline data for implementing the Highway Capacity Manual Multi-modal Level of Service procedure. This analysis procedure will establish the baseline level of service for auto, transit, bicycles and pedestrians on RCMP designated Multi-modal Corridors. RCMP Multi-modal Corridors can be viewed on the RCMP Network page.


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