RCMP Performance Measure Dashboards

Click here to view the RCMP Roadway Performance Dashboard.

Click here to view the RCMP Transit System Performance Dashboard.

Click here to view the RCMP Regional Bikeway Network Dashboard.

Click here to view the RCMP Multi-Modal Corridor Performance Dashboard.

A performance measure is defined in California State legislation as “an analytical planning tool that is used to quantitatively evaluate transportation improvements and to assist in determining effective implementation actions, considering all modes and strategies.” Performance measures provide the basis for evaluating the operating conditions of the regional transportation system and identifying the location and severity of congestion, gaps in transit service, insufficient bicycle accommodation, or unsafe pedestrian environments.

Establishment of multimodal performance measures is both a state and federal CMP requirement. State statutes require at a minimum that the performance measures incorporate highway and roadway system performance measures established for the frequency and routing of public transit, and for the coordination of transit service provided by separate operators. Federal directives require the congestion management process result in multimodal system performance measures and strategies that can be reflected in regional planning documents, such as SJCOG’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and SJCOG’s Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP).

SJCOG’s RCMP monitors several performance indicators that track progress in the following areas:

  • Roadway Operational Efficiency
  • Goods Movement
  • Transit System Performance
  • Bikeway System
  • Complete Streets / Alternative Modes
  • Travel Demand Management

All RCMP performance measures are reported during biennial updates. Several are displayed on the RCMP Performance Measure Dashboard for easy viewing. Updates to the RCMP Performance Measure Dashboard will occur at a minimum every two years. For a complete list of RCMP performance measures – see 2016 RCMP.


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