RCMP Land Use Analysis Program

As part of the annual Measure K and biennial state Congestion Management Program (CMP) reporting requirements, SJCOG is required to have a program to analyze the impacts of land use decisions made by local jurisdictions on regional transportation systems and to evaluate the efforts made by local jurisdiction within San Joaquin County to avoid or mitigate impacts. A key compliance finding during CMP conformance assessment reviews relates to SJCOG’s RCMP Land Use Analysis Program. Compliance findings are an essential step for local agency eligibility for Section 2105 state gas tax subvention funds, Federal Surface Transportation Program funds, Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds, and State Regional Improvement funds.

The intent of the Land Use Analysis Program (LUAP) is to improve the linkage between local land-use decisions with regional transportation facility improvement needs; to better address the impacts of development in one community on another; and, to promote information sharing between local governments when the decisions made by one jurisdiction have an impact on another. The flowcharts below show the review criteria for project referral to SJCOG and general processes for the two tiers of review, depending on the projected traffic generation. To ensure efficient coordination, the LUAP is integrated with the lead agency’s CEQA/NEPA process. Chapter 6 of the 2012 Regional Congestion Management Program Plan gives complete details of the LUAP.

2013 Decision Tree RCMP Project Referral 2013 Decision Tree RCMP Project Referral (361 KB)

2013 Process Flowchart RCMP Development Review 2013 Process Flowchart RCMP Development Review (355 KB)


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