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SJCOG to Host FHWA Travel Time Reliability Workshop

Since the March 2016 adoption of the Regional Congestion Management Program (RCMP) Update, the San Joaquin Council of Governments has concluded the collection of RCMP network traffic counts.  The regional traffic counts are to be incorporated into the pending RCMP Conformance Evaluation.  The new Conformance Evaluation will inform our neighbor jurisdictions of potential network deficiencies determined by performance metrics like Level of Service (LOS).  Historically, LOS has been measured in auto-centric transportation planning processes to evaluate the capacity of a roadway. But with the advent of more community-focus planning efforts and a resurgence of the traditional neighborhood design, a conversation has begun about more refined statistical measures.  Performance Measures like Vehicles Miles Traveled (VMT) and other metrics which seek to integrate a more representative local groundtruth for a more holistic planning process for multiple modes of travel.   

North Stockton Interstate 5 Widening Phase 1 (Country Club Boulevard to Hammer Lane)

Will re-stripe the existing inside lanes from Charter Way/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Country Club Boulevard as a High Occupancy Vehicle lane, and constructing inside through lanes from Country Club Boulevard to Eight Mile Road (one lane in each northbound and southbound direction). These new inside lanes could be High Occupancy Vehicle or mixed flow lanes. The project will also construct outside auxiliary lanes; and construct sound walls; modify traffic signals; install landscaping; and overlay/replace freeway pavement. 

North Stockton Railroad Grade Separations (Eight Mile Road)

The purpose of the North Stockton Railroad Grade Separations Project is to replace the current railroad crossings in the north Stockton area with bridge crossings that will accommodate expected traffic growth and development.   

Sperry Road Extension

The purpose of the Sperry Road Extension Project is to construct 1-mile of new elevated roadway between Performance Drive in the east and French Camp Road in the west, providing a much needed cross-town route from I-5 to Stockton's Metropolitan Airport. 


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