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The RCMP defines a network of roadways considered to be regionally significant for the purpose of moving people, goods and information. The movement of goods throughout San Joaquin County is crucial to the economic health of the region. Freight traverses the county using many modes, including trucks, rail, and ship. Trucks, however, are the predominant mode of goods transport in San Joaquin County. The federal Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) passed in 1982 governs the movement of trucks and trailers within the state. STAA vehicles are large commercial trucks that meet federal size regulations (48 to 53 feet from kingpin to rear-axle). In California, the STAA network consists of the National Network (generally, interstate freeways and approved state highways) and Terminal and Service Access roadways. STAA sized trucks can only legally travel within San Joaquin County on STAA approved routes (due to the geometric roadway design characteristics required to safely navigate/negotiate truck turn radiuses). STAA routes comprise the designated STAA National Network augmented by Terminal Access (T) and Service Access (S) routes that are designed to accommodate the STAA-sized trucks.

All STAA National Network routes are limited access freeways. STAA sized vehicles are approved on these routes in their entirety because they are either National Network routes or state routes on which operation of STAA sized vehicles have been approved for operation. However not all ramps serving as connectors to the intersection, paralleling roadways or locally owned roadways meet STAA criteria. Locally owned and operated roadway facilities that serve a truck routes within a given jurisdiction must provide the appropriate geometric characteristics and be identified as STAA routes if STAA sized vehicles are to legally operate on them.

As part of the RCMP, SJCOG will track improvements to intersections listed in the Interregional Truck Operations on I-5 and SR-99 and STAA Routes Improvement Study by coordinating with local agency STAA applications. This document and other goods movement document resource documents related to the RCMP network are provided on this page.


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