About the Regional Congestion Management Program (RCMP)

As the designated Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for San Joaquin County and per state statute, SJCOG must prepare and implement a Congestion Management Program (CMP). The CMP is meant to outline the CMA's strategies for managing the performance of the regional transportation system. Countywide adoption of the half cent sales tax referendum for transportation in 2007 (i.e., Measure K) also stipulates that SJCOG implement the Regional Congestion Management Program.

Federal transportation legislation also requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations such as SJCOG to implement a congestion management process (CMP) that provides effective management and operation of new and existing transportation facilities eligible for federal funding. In CMAs that are designated as nonattainment of federal air quality standards such as San Joaquin County, federal regulations require certification that any project resulting in a significant increase in SOV carrying capacity (with the exception of safety improvements and bottleneck elimination projects) be addressed through the CMP. Before federal funds are advanced, the CMP must demonstrate that the capacity increasing project is warranted by first implementing feasible travel demand reduction and operational management strategies. If, after all strategies have been analyzed/implemented and the capacity increasing project is justified, federal regulations required that the CMP identify strategies to manage the facility effectively.

The intent of the above state and federal congestion management legislation is to have new land uses developed in tandem with the necessary transportation network improvements by coordinating the land use, air quality, and transportation planning processes.

Each Congestion Management Program (CMP) must contain several components:

  • Traffic level-of-service standards for State highways and principal arterials
  • Multi-modal performance measures to evaluate current and future systems
  • A capital program of projects to maintain or improve the performance of the system or mitigate the regional impacts of land use projects
  • A program to analyze the impacts of land use decisions
  • A travel demand element that promotes transportation alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle

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